Review by Jazzradar

Overwhelming brass parts impress, twists and turns in rhythm surprise, and clear melody lines bring balance. The tight orchestration organically goes hand in hand with the relaxed and passionate solos. These young talented musicians put their best foot forward. They make this album a party to listen to!

Eddy Westveer; Jazzradar

Review of ‘dreamin’ by Jacques Prouvost

A little swing never wrongs. That’s what the young members of this Q-Some Big Band must have said. Because it’s a lot of fun that it’s about here. We know that a big band these days is economically difficult to viable. So what? Wouldn’t dreams have the right to come true because of sordid pecuniary reasons? Manten Van Gils (tb), Gabriele di Franco (eg), Robbe Willems (p) and Pierre-Antoine Savoyat (tp) have joined forces and above all their talents to offer elaborate compositions full of freshness, inventiveness and modernity to a young high-level band (in which you also find Dieter Vaganée, Marjan Van Rompay or Dunja Mees…). It plays and the soloists are highlighted with great relevance. We feel some influences from our national (and international) BJO, of course, but above all we find very daring arrangements (′′ Blues for F “, to name only one) that clearly define the singularity of this Q – Some Big Band. So it’s fun to hear these guitar riffs on Soft Viking, this mischievous vamp on Playful, or even those brilliant Raw stimulus, among others. It’s kinda the epitome of jazz, kinda, fresh to the taste of the day. Go ahead, young people: ′′ dream “, there will always be something left of it anyway…

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About Q-Some Big Band

Q-Some Big Band is a contemporary jazz orchestra made up of young, professional musicians. Through the Q-Some Composer Hub they explore the richness of sound and colour that a modern big band has to offer. With their invariably refreshing arrangements, innovative programs and unexpected musical collaborations, this orchestra goes beyond the limits, in which the passion for the profession, the warmth within the band and especially bigger dreams are clearly audible.

Upcoming Shows

07 Feb 2021 Gent de Bijloke de Bijloke Buy ticket - €5
13 May 2021 Mechelen Stadsschouwburg Mechelen Stadsschouwburg Mechelen
22 May 2021 Aalter Kunstencentrum ArtA'A Kunstencentrum ArtA'A

Past Shows

21 Mar 2020 Geraardsbergen The Preacher The Preacher
20 Mar 2020 Kortrijk Damast Damast
14 Mar 2020 Mechelen, BEL CC Mechelen CC Mechelen
20 Dec 2019 Asse, BEL Smiske Smiske
08 Sep 2019 Geraardsbergen, BEL The Preacher The Preacher
21 Jul 2019 Gent, BEL Korenmarkt Korenmarkt
30 Jun 2019 Kortrijk, BEL Damast Damast
06 Apr 2019 Aalter, BEL Stat68 Stat68
06 Mar 2019 Merksem, BEL USA Jazzclub USA Jazzclub
21 Dec 2018 Asse, BEL Smiske Smiske
03 Nov 2018 Oostende, BEL Kursaal Oostende Kursaal Oostende
23 Sep 2018 Antwerpen, BEL De Roma De Roma
15 Sep 2018 Brielle, NED Jumbo Big Band Festival Jumbo Big Band Festival
22 Jul 2018 Gent, BEL Polé Polé Polé Polé
26 May 2018 Gent, BEL Charlatan Charlatan
18 Mar 2018 Antwerpen, BEL De Roma De Roma
11 Feb 2018 Mechelen, BEL Moonbeat Moonbeat
22 Oct 2017 Gent, BEL Charlatan Charlatan
28 Jul 2017 Deurne, BEL Rivierenhof Rivierenhof
16 Jun 2017 Jette, BEL Jazz Jette June Jazz Jette June
30 Apr 2017 , BEL CC Deurne CC Deurne
16 Feb 2017 , BEL Jazzclub Sounds Jazzclub Sounds
23 Dec 2016 Asse, BEL Smiske Smiske
13 Oct 2016 , BEL CC Merksem CC Merksem
27 May 2016 Gent, BEL Capitole Capitole
16 May 2016 Antwerpen, BEL De Roma De Roma
18 Feb 2016 Deurne CC Deurne CC Deurne
18 Dec 2015 Asse, BEL Smiske Smiske
30 Sep 2015 Deurne, BEL CC De Kern CC De Kern
19 Sep 2015 , BEL Bigbandfestival Oostende Bigbandfestival Oostende
19 Sep 2015 Eikevliet, BEL De Balans De Balans

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