Flemish polyphonic composers were already building cultural bridges in Europe between 1300 and 1600. And in October, the Q-Some Composer Hub is doing the same! With composers from different European countries, they reinterpret original sheet music and create a whole new polyphonic repertoire for a crossover orchestra between contemporary jazz and early music.

The composers who represent the newest jazz generation? Those are Manten Van Gils and Robbe Willems from Belgium, Kathrine Windfeld from Denmark, Tobias Hoffman from Germany, Charlie Bates from the UK, Gabriele di Franco from Italy and Pierre-Antoine Savoyat from France.

Their collaboration culminates during the Crossing Borders concert, with 35 musicians on stage. An experience not to be missed, where the history and future of music meet.

Together with the Mechelen choir Viermaliks, Q-Some Big Band will present a concert series with this repertoire in the fall of 2024, starting with the premiere in CC Mechelen on October 19, 2024.

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Coming soon: Crossing Borders

Artist : Q-Some Big Band
Genres : big band, flemish polyphony
Format : CD