For Crossing Borders, Q-Some Big Band is diving into the repertoire of Belgian/Flemish polyphonic music, composed between 1300 and 1600. With this project we want to create a repertoire for jazz orchestra and choir where the Belgium (and Europe) of today and the Europe of the past meet, by reinterpreting, or rather reconstructing it through the eyes (and ears) of a contemporary generation of composers. To this end, the Q-Some Composer Hub additionally invites three composers from three different countries to collaborate on these new creations: Kathrine Windfeld (DK), Stefan Karl Schmid (DE) and Kika Sprangers (NL). Three carefully selected composers who help represent the newest jazz generation on an international level. All this will result in a 75-minute concert with 35 musicians on stage.
Together with the Mechelen choir Viermaliks and host Olav Grondelaers, Q-Some Big Band will present a concert series with this repertoire in the fall of 2024, starting with the premiere in CC Mechelen on October 21, 2024.

Coming soon: Crossing Borders

Artist : Q-Some Big Band
Genres : big band, flemish polyphony
Format : CD