Gabriele Di Franco, guitarist and member of the Q-Some Composer hub recently won no less than 3 international composition awards with the works Betsabea, Acqua & Berlin (also featured on Consoulin’)!

first prize at Scrivere in Jazz

The composition “Betsabea” got the first prize at the international jazz competition for jazz orchestra ‘Scrivere in Jazz’ hosted by Orchestra Jazz della Sardegnain the category dedicated to compositions inspired by Sardinian ethnic music.This is a double win as it was a long time since Gab’s music wasn’t played in Italy, so this makes it even more special. The selection committee was made up of musicians Duccio Bertini, Gabriele Comeglio, Michele Corcella, Mario Corvini, Riccardo Fassi, Corrado Guarino, Pino Jodice, Mario Raja, and Marco Tiso.

Acqua & Berlin awarded in Japan

Both “Berlin”  and “Acqua” were awarded in Japan at the 1st Ise-Shima International Popular Music Composition Competition. Berlin was awarded with a “Special prize” and “Special mentioned” and “Acqua” with a “Special prize”. Watch “Berlin” (also present on Q-some Big Band 2nd album Consoulin‘) here and “Aqua” performand by Synolon here.